Sylvester Stallone by Stephen Holland


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Released in 1976 Rocky was a story about a man who had next to nothing going for him. So limited by his options, his survival at times was dependent on taking work that went against his own moral fiber. But, despite all the forces of his environment working against him, he prevailed as a virtue of his own inner being. And, what he won in the end was the reward of his own integrity. Rocky was not a story of a winner, it was the great American parable of hard work, persistence, and unrelenting spirit of one person’s will.

This parable is what spoke to artist Stephen Holland the most, when he was approached with the opportunity to work with Stallone on this important project. Holland himself, is no stranger to similar early circumstances experienced by Rocky. Having grown up in a family of four living in a one bedroom apartment, in a working class corner of the Bronx, to parents of limited education and even less means; the possibility of him having become one of the most noted artists of his time, was as unlikely as becoming an astronaut or the president. But here too, it was an individual’s fully committed investment into their own worth, that eventually defeated all foreseeable odds.

Each piece has been personally signed by both Sylvester Stallone and Stephen Holland and is backed by an Autographed Collectables & Online Authentics 100% Guarantee of Authenticity.

Limited to only 76 worldwide.

Stretched Canvas Size: 64 x 102.5cm / 25.5 x 1.25 x 42″


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