Evel Knievel By Stephen Holland

Stephen Holland has painted most of the greats that first and foremost are known for their super human feats and what prices they pay to achieve them. But in the case of Evel, it's something just a bit different and perhaps uniquely American in it's nature. For Knievel it was never about the perfect feat (stunt). It was his willingness to risk everything, both life and limb to do the impossible. And even when he failed (breaking dozens of bones, organ damage and a long coma) he continued to return over and over to try not just again but to due something even more difficult. Always doing so with more invested in the optimistic belief in the small chances of success, rather than the greater possibility of failure at the greatest cost. Like most great legends Evel's life was a well traveled journey. First gaining his fame for being a local hell-raiser, where it was the police that gave him the moniker "Evil" (he later changed to "Evel"). Soon there after taking his taste for risk and danger into the form of a riders club, that still lives on. Evel and the club toured the country charging a few hundred dollars to make jumps over a couple trucks. Eventually, his stunts were watched on live TV by half the country at one time, and he arose as an American icon.

Each piece has been personally signed by Evel Knievel and is backed by an Autographed Collectables and Online Authentics 100% Guarantee of Authenticity.

Canvas Stretched Size: 65 x 82.5 cm / 26 x 33 inches