2013 Full Speed

Kimi Raikkonen was born to race, and from his very first time in a Pedal Kart at the tender age of three he showed a passion for racing and going fast. Whether it’s a F1 car, Road Car, Motorbike, Kart, Push-bike, Snow-Mobile, Pair of Skis, Kimi’s got one speed ... Flat out !! Kimi returned to F1 racing in 2012 with the Lotus F1 Team on a 2 year contract.

2013 Full Speed was personally signed by Kimi Raikkonen on the 6th of June 2013 in Montreal, Canada and is strictly limited to only 100 worldwide.

Each piece is backed by an Autographed Collectables 100% Guarantee of Authenticity as well as a photo from the signing.

Unframed Size: 27.5 x 60 cm 11 x 24 inches
Framed size: 52 x 78.5 cm / 20.5 x 31 inches